Thursday, August 16, 2012

Little Laundress

My mom has a love for the laundry like none other.  She has the ability, pardon me, the gift to be able to fold contour sheets like nobody's business and make these sheet bundles that no matter how many times I try I just cannot master.  Many years ago she used to do the wash for an older woman in town and she would often times tie beautiful satin ribbons around the laundry bundles before she'd drop them off.  I am sure that it was magical to be handed such a lovely bundle of wash.  

So, it was no surprise when last year she gave the girls the wash and rinse basins (and later on a wash board).  Grace and Emma don't miss a beat and in no time at all they had their doll clothes and drying rack out too.  This has remained a favorite activity ever since, and so when Em got out these items and set them all up on the front porch recently I couldn't pass up the chance to take pictures.  The first two were taken with me still inside (hence the odd reflection) and then shortly after I made my way out she finally noticed me.  It was so sweet to watch her work.  And even sweeter that I got to capture these moments for all time.  

With any luck, the ability to love the wash skips a generation.  With any luck my girls will inherit my mother's laundry doing abilities.  And who knows, maybe when I'm an old lady they'll do my wash for me and bring it back with satin ribbons tied around it! XO 


  1. I think our generation does not appreciate the beauty in housekeeping. We wanted to get out of the house, have our careers, raise our children, be on the go all the time.... I am not a natural housekeeper. I have to work very hard at it. I have learned to appreciate the beauty and the art of a job well done. This has only happened in the last year or so. but I hope that my children will realize that there is an honor is doing something well....whether it is laundry or cooking, or making a bed look beautiful or organizing a pantry.

    I love these pictures. Your children have already been given such a gift. Does Kim know about this? Now that she does I wonder if she will be knocking on your Mom's door with baskets full........!

  2. I think that so much has changed in the last like six years. With the economy and housing market tanking people seem to constantly be looking at ways to be more frugal and get back to basics. A slower pace of life has always resonated with me but I think it's much more easily achieved since we have taken school out of the mix. I love that the girls do stuff like this. That they have seen a slower pace of life their whole lives. Now, if only I could move our house to a small New England town that fits more with our slower pace! That would be a dream come true!

    I am sure that my mom would be happy to do Kim's wash! Wash is one of those things that she finds such joy in and I truly wish that I had half the love of it as she does! :)