Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Wash Day

What do you do when your dyer stops working? Why head to the local laundromat, of course!
Our first trip to the laundromat was on Friday (as anyone who follows us on Instagram and Facebook can attest to). The girls had such a blast, and since we had more wash in need of doing (and therefor drying) we headed back today! 
The girls really only needed me to drive the car and carry the baskets of heavy wash in. After that they took it from there!
Passing the time while the wash dries. 
They took turns checking on the status of each dyer. 
While the girls were keeping an eye on the wash I got to do a little coloring!
The full baskets were my cue to start folding. I'm sure the girls would have done this part too if they were tall enough to reach the folding tables!

What made it even more fun was that my friend (and fellow homeschooling mama) Sharon is also sans dryer currently. She was the one that suggested we join her at the laundromat and I am so glad that she did! Not only did the girls have a fabulous time experiencing a new place, but it gave Sharon and I a chance to chat while we were there. Thanks Sharon for inviting us along! It was such a treat to have a sidekick during this dryerless time!


  1. Hooray for recognizing Possibilities! :)

  2. Thanks, friend! I figure we might as well have fun making lemonade out of these lemons! :)

  3. haha! i love that you colored... and what helpers!!! amazing!