Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Saturday's Adventure

This past Saturday we met up with my parents at Old Sturbridge Village to see the kiln all ablaze. 
They only fire it up once per year. 
We had never been before and with the forecast sounding perfectly autumnal we couldn't pass it up. 
Dave has always wanted to go to this event and sadly was not able to make it this year either as he was sick and decided it was better to stay home. 
Answering questions. 
My apologies for the grainy pictures. 
The light was low and we all know how much digital cameras love low light. 
It surely was gorgeous all aglow. 
Snuggles with Gramma and Grandpa were surely a favorite part of the trip. 
Listening to the potter talk. 
Items in the pottery barn waiting to be fired. 
A cooper was also on hand to talk about the art of barrel making. 
There were so many questions from the audience that we never did get to see them fire the barrel. 
After some walking around, a hay ride and listening to Full Gael we decided to call it a night. 
It was a lovely way to spend the last Saturday of summer though and it ushered us into autumn beautifully!


  1. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. I'm beyond jealous... xo

    1. It was so fabulous! Wanna meet up there when your in MA next month?!

  2. What a lovely way to spend the day! I have always wanted to visit Old Sturbridge Villiage...what a great homeschooling field trip that would be! Thanks for sharing.

    1. We love OSV! Such a great place! They do homeschool days every few months. The next one is coming up in November. If you decide to go (to homeschool day or just in general) we'd love to meet up!

  3. I bet it was so much fun! And how nice to have your parents join you.

    1. We had such a great time! And it was such a treat to have Mom and Dad there too!