Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday. At The Greek Festival.

It wouldn't be Labor Day weekend without attending the Greek Festival in our town. While some people think cheeseburgers and hot dogs on Labor Day weekend we think gyros and baklava (especially the divine baklava sundae)! Dave and I have attended the festival every year since we moved to town (and therefor the girls have attended every year of their lives). It, along with our town's Labor Day parade, is what makes this holiday weekend so special for us. And as if tradition wasn't already reason enough to attend the festival, this year we have the added bonus that we've become friends with the priest and his family! Our girls and their oldest daughter are in Girl Scouts together and we've all just hit it off swimmingly!

Dave has spent all weekend working to help get a new Williams-Sonoma store ready to open at the end of next week, so the girls and I decided to head over to the festival this evening to see what was going on. We figured that as long as we didn't have dinner or eat a baklava sundae that it would be alright to get a sneak peek sans Dave. When we arrived we made our way over to the tent and were excited to see that we'd arrived in time to get to see some dancing. Surprisingly enough this is the first year we've arrived in time to get to see a performance! Usually the dancers are leaving the stage when we are arriving. 

Tomorrow we'll head back with Dave and have our usual meal. Until then I'll be dreaming of that baklava sundae!

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