Saturday, August 31, 2013

Community Supported Agriculture

For the last five years we have been part of a CSA. The first three years we were part of a traditional CSA at one of our local farms. We'd go each week to pick up our bag, do the u-pick portion of our share and spend some time wandering the grounds of the farm. We loved our weekly trips to the farm and we love supporting a local farmer. After a few years as part of that CSA we had heard that our favorite place to pick berries was offering a different kind of CSA opportunity. There the money we paid into the CSA would be put on a debit card and we could use it to choose anything in their farm or farm stand. This option is by far our favorite! We are able to go and choose what we need when we need it in the quantities we need and are never stuck with something we don't enjoy eating. Score! We were super excited when they made the decision to partner with other local farmers to include "new" items in their stand (items like eggs, cheese and bread). It has been a joy to be able to purchase so much so close to home!

A couple of weeks ago a surprise arrived in the mail. I had no idea what this could possibly be and we excitedly opened the box to see what was inside. Once open, a note from a college friend of ours was discovered and read. In addition to the note, she had enclosed two beautiful mesh produce bags that she had made for us, as well as the pattern so I could make some too. Jenny had posted a picture of them on Facebook a little while ago where I commented on how beautiful they were and she decided to surprise us with some of our very own! It's been a good few years since I've spent time with my crochet hook but I think this might just be the project that gets us reunited! These bags are just gorgeous and hold way more than I initially thought they could.

Today, when the girls and I stopped into the farm stand to pick up some much needed provisions, the farmer was there. As he was ringing up our purchases I took out our lovely mesh produce bags and began putting the items inside. It was then that he stopped what he was doing to compliment us on how gorgeous these mesh bags of ours were. I have a feeling that had I said I made them he would have asked me to whip some up to sell in the stand (they are that lovely)! Thank you, Jenny, for surprising us with such a lovely gift. They are the perfect addition to our weekly trip to the farm and we will surely enjoy them for years to come! xo


  1. First of all, that sounds like an awesome way to do the CSA, love it. We belonged to one for years as we worked to get our gardens big enough to produce enough food for us, and we loved it.

    And those bags, they are beautiful. What a lovely surprise to get in the mail.

    Hope you are having a fabulous weekend.

  2. I love CSAs! What lovely produce bags... they look so strong and beautiful. Such a good friend and such a delightful gift).

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.