Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Visit With Brownie Bear

Yesterday the Girl Scout troop gathered at the Grist Mill to meet Brownie Bear. Brownie Bear has been traveling the country, visiting different Girl Scout troops and having amazing adventures with them. The adventures (along with pictures) are recorded in Brownie Bear's travel journal and then that troop sends her on to a troop in a different state. The troop who this originated with is hoping that Brownie Bear is able to visit all 50 states! The mill also happens to be the mill that inspired the Pepperidge Farm logo. In addition to inspiring the logo the Grist Mill also ground wheat for the flour Pepperidge Farm used in their products from 1952-1967. A mill with this much history was definitely the perfect place for the troop to meet (and take pictures with) Brownie Bear. The girls had a great time visiting with Brownie Bear, seeing all her travels and showing her around the Grist Mill. What a great project! I am so glad that we all got to be a part of it!


  1. How cool! Our troop would love to get in on this! Can you share details on how to get involved? We would love to have a visit from brownie bear :)

  2. Hi Alissia, I'll get in touch with the main leader of our troop and get the scoop and send it your way! It was lots of fun!