Thursday, August 8, 2013

There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters

Last night while Grace and I were at Target she came across this sweet BFF necklace. 
"Oh, Mama, what a sweet necklace. I wish I could get it."
"Well, if we bought it who would you give the other half to?" I asked
Without any hesitation she answered: "Emma, of course!"
Oh my gracious, how could we possibly leave this lovely rainbow necklace there after that?!
We were barely in the door when Grace said: 
"Emma, look what I bought for us! One is for me and one is for you?"
"Oh, thank you Grace! A rainbow necklace for both of us?! Just what I always wanted!"  
And on the necklaces went. 
From the moment that we brought Emma home from the hospital these two have been the best of friends and totally inseparable. It is a friendship and a love like no other.
And I imagine that these necklaces will be cherished for years to come!