Monday, August 5, 2013

Dance Camp!

This week the girls will be spending each morning at dance camp. There they will learn three dances (ballet, tap and jazz) and do an art project, all of which will be presented in a little show on Friday. The girls were happier than a camel on Wednesday when they woke up this morning! From the moment they got out of bed they had their dance bags with them and they only left their sides once we arrived at their dance school. They were so excited to get to meet their teachers and the other girls that will be with them all week. They had been looking forward to the arrival of this day from the moment we signed them up for dance classes for the fall. This is a different school than they danced at last year but from the very first moment that I spoke to one of the directors I knew it would be a much better fit for them (and for our family). They came with me to sign up for dance lessons and from that moment on they have been asking when classes begin. It was lovely to be able to tell them that they had a week of dance camp to look forward to before their classes began in the fall! They happily went with their teacher today as if they had been dancing at this school for eons already. A hug and a kiss good-bye and they were off and so was I. I have to admit that it was rather strange for me to be without my favorite sidekicks for three hours today! I found stuff to pass the time though and before I knew it it was time to pick up my favorite girls and hear all about their morning. And just as I'd imagined they didn't stop talking about dance camp from the time I picked them up to the time they went to bed. Clearly, a good time was had by all!


  1. Oh how I remember my summer dance camps...such fond memories. Wishing them a wonderful week and a all the best on their performance on Friday.

  2. Thanks Kim! They have had the most delightful week and cannot wait for their classes in the fall to start (thankfully they only have to wait a few weeks)!