Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Today we had a playdate with my friend, and fellow homeschooling mama, Julie and her sweet daughter Lily. Julie is crazy talented in the knitting department, and she used her amazing skills to create these gorgeous hats for the girls! 
I love that, for the last few years, the girls have had gorgeous winter hats made by friends of ours. Not only does it mean so much for us to be given such wonderful, handmade gifts but it also makes them super easy to spot when we are out and about since no one else has hats like them! 
Thanks Julie for making the girls such beautiful hats! They are simply stunning and absolutely perfect and so very Grace and Emma! They will help to make the winter world a little bit of a cheerier place, and will surely be worn with much love and happiness all season long! 


  1. Such awesome hats. Handmade goodies are always so nice. The girls look great in them.

  2. Those hats are so beautiful! I need to get on it already with hats for my girls!