Tuesday, December 2, 2014

From The Christmas Fairy

The girls arrived home from dance class last night to discover that the Christmas Fairy had left them a surprise. Usually she comes in the night while they are sound asleep. This year she decided to change it up and come while they were awake but out of the house. The excitement from upstairs was surely enough to be heard outside! "Mama! Daddy! She came! She came! The Christmas Fairy came! Come see!" and off we went to behold the incredibleness of a Christmas tree in their bedroom!
After dinner was had and jammies were put on the tree decorating began. 
The first ornaments hung this year were these lovely felted stars- gifts from our dear friends at Mothering with Mindfulness
Of all the Christmas/Solstice traditions we have I do think that the Christmas Fairy Tree may possibly be their most favorite. After all, is there anything more magical than falling asleep by the light of your very own Christmas tree?! xo


  1. Just lovely Shel. The "tree fairy" made her visit here on Saturday, and there was one excited little boy.

    So happy the stars arrived. I just showed Reece your post, and he said are those my penpals, I said yup. Then he asked if we could go visit. I said maybe one day.

    Much love to all of you. xo

    1. Oh, how we would love to visit with you! The girls ask all the time if we can go to Canada to see you and your family, too! My hope is that we can make that happen in the not too distant future! First up though: I need to get passports for the girls and myself! xo

  2. What a sweet little tree and I love the photos of your girls decorating it.


    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much! Such a sweet little tradition that we started a few years back and now cannot imagine the holidays without! xo

  3. Very sweet little tree- how fun for your girls!

  4. Such pretty photos!! I love the idea of the little tree in the bedroom!! xo

    ~ Wendy