Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Surprise For Grace And Emma

The day before Emma's birthday a box for the girls arrived from my uber talented Aunt Gail. Not wanting the wonderful surprised to get lost in the birthday festivities I put the box in my closet to wait for a day after the birthday excitement had passed. Yesterday, before lessons and before our day really got going (and what a glorious March day it was!) I brought the box out and read the letter to the girls. They were absolutely surprised and so very excited to have a  more new clothes (lovely new wardrobe, really) for the dolls they had been gifted two Christmases ago!

Thank you, Aunt Gail, for the wonderful surprise! The clothes fit the dolls perfectly and they have been changed in and out of each dress several times over the last two days! xo


  1. What a beautiful surprise! Those dresses are just amazing. I bet they are having lots of fun with those!

    1. Oh, they are having just the best time with them! These will definitely be passed down from generation to generation! xo