Friday, March 25, 2016

Hot Cross Buns

This was the first year we made hot cross buns (raisin-less ones though since we're really only fans of raisins in Irish Soda Bread). We definitely have some work to do on our technique,but that didn't make them any less tasty!

 In keeping with tradition, we made sure to bestow some of the buns we made on our neighbors. We had planned to bring them to more friends as well, but sadly, the day passed us by before we had a chance to do so. We're hoping that next year, along with an improved technique, we'll be able to have our buns ready for delivery much earlier in the day!

Wishing those who celebrate a most blessed Easter Weekend! xo


  1. Hi Shell, interesting you use icing for the cross. Here is Australia (where they are very common) we use a flour and water mixture. Happy Easter

    1. Hi Michelle, What a treat to have a visitor from Australia stop by! It took way more powdered sugar than I was expecting to get this icing the right consistancy! I am definitely very curious about the flour and water mixture that is common by you. I may have to Google that! Have a wonderful Easter! xo