Sunday, May 22, 2016

Belated May Day Baskets

May 1st was so rainy and so unseasonably cold that we decided to put our usual May Day Basketing on hold until a more "May like" day. A little over a week ago, the weather was absolutely perfect and the girls and I decided that it was finally time to surprise our neighbors and friends with May Baskets. We stopped by our favorite local flower stand, chose some lovely Johnny Jump Ups and got to work. After the decorating was done, and the messages were written, the fun of delivering them began! This is one of our most favorite traditions and it didn't feel quite like May to us until we delivered these sweet spring gifts. There is just something so sweet and simple and lovely about this tradition. It truly embodies the month of May and the season of Spring beautifully! Happy (belated) May Day, friends! We hope this month has been absolutely magical for you! xo

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