Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Something To Make The World More Beautiful

When it comes to teacher gifts we like to go the homemade route. The girls spend lots of time figuring out what to make, and always put so much love into each thing that they create for their teachers. When thinking about an end-of-the-year gift for their Nature School teacher we knew that we wanted it to be something related to nature. Seed bombs felt like the perfect choice! 
We searched Pintrest and found a recipe we liked. We began by adding one pound of red air dry clay to the bowl. Then we each put in one handful of dirt (from our garden) and finally added in 1/4 cup water. 
The girls squished it all together and then we added four packets of wildflower seeds. They squished it some more. 
 Once it was all mixed they began forming the clay mixture into balls. 
From the clay mixture they were able to create fourteen seed bombs to give to Miss Heather. We let the finished balls dry on the deck in the sun (which took about three hours to complete). Once the seed bombs were dry, the girls found a jar they liked and put them inside. The jar, along with pictures they colored and wrote thank-you notes on, were brought to Nature School and given to Miss Heather yesterday! Now, whenever she finds an area that feels like it needs some wildflowers she can toss a seed bomb or two into it and let Mother Nature work her magic! xo

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