Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Fairy Cloud-Dough

Last Saturday, when the house was quiet and I should have been working on the menu and grocery list for the week, I happened upon this recipe for fairy play-dough that was just begging to be made. I quickly added strawberry scented conditioner to the shopping list and then got to work on the menu and the rest of the shopping list.

When Dave and Emma returned from Wegmans, and the groceries were put away, I gathered the few supplies needed (cornstarch, the aforementioned conditioner, food coloring, glitter (because glitter!) and the girls and I mixed up a batch of this dough. It's light as a cloud and absolutely divine! The girls easily spent at least an hour (though it may have been closer to two) playing with the cloud dough. Such a sweet and simple project and one that I am so very glad that I didn't write off as being "too young". 'Cause really, there is no such thing as too old for glittery fairy cloud-dough! xo


  1. Oh! Yours looks so much nicer than the one I made... pinning the recipe now!

    1. This recipe worked up pretty nicely! I hope it does the same for you too, Yanic! xo