Monday, August 29, 2016

Rose Ceremony Day!

For the last few years, it has been our tradition to start the new year of morning lessons with a Rose Ceremony. Inspired by this video, and though traditionally done to welcome the grade one students into the Waldorf school, we fell in love with the beauty of this new beginnings ceremony. Roses and notes of encouragement are given to the girls, and then we spend some time checking out the new materials that have been bought for them for lessons for the year. It's been two years since they last had new colored pencils so we felt that a new set for each girl was in order. "Oh, mama, there is nothing like new colored pencils!" was stated by the girls as they filled their pencil rolls with them and then used them to decorate the covers of their main lesson books . And Emma, who has been waiting for her own fountain pen since Grace was given hers last year, was thrilled to see she had one waiting for her today, too! It was a lovely beginning to a new year of morning lessons! Much goodness is awaiting all of us, and we are ready to see where the adventures take us! xo


  1. Those pencils look amazing! Can you share where you buy them from?

    1. Of course! I get them on Amazon! They are the Lyra Super Ferby Waldorf Selection. So good! The sets the girls took out of their pencil rolls are two years old! They are expensive but they last!!!