Thursday, February 23, 2017

A Surprise For Emma

 A surprise arrived in the mail today! 
She quickly opened the package and discovered this very long box inside.
 "It's like my other mouse, mama!" 
 "Oh! They are grandparents! I must get their granddaughter mouse!" 
 Such a very sweet set. And yes, that is a mustache you see on the grandpa mouse!
 All together. 
 "Thank you, Grandma Joan and Grandpa Ron for my grandparent mice! I love them and their very long bed!" 
All tucked in.

"Mama, but we don't have a Grace mouse or a mama mouse or daddy mouse."
"All in good time, sweet girl. All in good time." xo


  1. This is absolutely adorable!!! Did they purchase it or make it? My daughter would love something like this!! Happy birthday to Emma!! I haven't visited your blog in so long. Wanted to stop by and say hello since I've been blogging on a more regular basis again and trying to catch up with my friends in "blogland." : ) Have a wonderful weekend!! xo

    ~ Wendy

    1. Hi Wendy! What a treat to have a comment from you! I, too, have been terrible about keeping up with peoples blogs so I totally understand! I've been fairly good about adding posts to ours but the checking of other beloved blogs has gone by the wayside lately. I need to do some catching up too!

      Dave's parents bought this! They gave her a mouse in a matchbox at Christmas, which she had seen and loved in this sweet little Waldorf store not far from here and she has been dream of other mice ever since!

      Have a lovely rest of the weekend! xo