Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Reading To Lydia The Library Dog

This evening we went to the library so that the girls could read to the library dogs! They had not done this before, but after tonight I have no doubt that it won't be the last time they participate! Lydia was super sweet, and clearly very comfortable with them. They each brought their reading books with them, but when we arrived we learned that they were running behind due to the program being one dog short this evening. Hearing this news, and not knowing how many kids were after them, a plan was hatched to find their favorite Elephant and Piggie book and read that to her instead.  As kids finished up and left, and it got closer to Grace and Emma's turn, it became evident that they might be the last to read to her (or at least one of the last). Emma asked to  read a few pages out of her reading book to Lydia before she and Grace finished up by reading all of Elephant and Piggie 'Waiting is Not Easy' (our favorite of the Elephant and Piggie books) to her together. The girls did a great job and Lydia seemed to really like the stories they read to her!They are looking forward to the next ime they can read to the library dogs already!  xo

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