Sunday, February 19, 2017

Happy "Give Emma A Sparkly, Red Dress" Day!

February 19, 2011 
(almost three years old)

February 19, 2017
(almost nine years old)
Evidently, February 19th is "Give Emma a Sparkly Red Dress Day". Six years ago, before her third birthday my mom gave her what became her "first favorite fancy dress" . She wore that dress to her family birthday celebration that afternoon and pretty much daily after that. The day that dress no longer fit was a a very sad day for our sweet Emma. Fast forward six years, and as I was walking through Target one afternoon in January (while the girls were at ski team) I noticed this sparkly red dress and was instantly transported back several years to my sweet second-born daughter and her love of a certain red sparkly dress. I snapped a picture, texted it to my mom and a plan was set in motion. "Sparkly Red Dress the Sequel" would given to Emma for her ninth birthday as her gift from Gramma Terri and Grandpa Gene. It was perfect!

So, last night, as I was thinking about all that needs to be done for Emma's birthday this Tuesday I realized that it might be wise to see if my mom would like her to have her dress a couple of days early. "Yes, give it to her to wear to church tomorrow" my mom replied. A bag was found, the dress placed inside and the card my mom had sent (along with the new addition for the birthday ring) was placed on top. I put it on the china cabinet and waited for it to be discovered in the morning.

And then, as I was scrolling through Facebook this morning my "memories" popped up. I can't ever pass up the chance to look back and reflect on our many adventures and am especially happy that I did so today because it was then that I saw that six years ago today she had received her first red sparkly dress! What an absolute treat to know that six years later on this very day she was being given her next red sparkly dress. It just made this day all the more special!

And so, when our soon-to-be nine year old saw what was inside the bag today she was over the moon!

"It's like my first red sparkly dress, mama! How old was I when I got that one?" she asked.
 "You were almost three years old! And what's even more interesting is that Gramma Terri gave you that dress on this very day six years ago! So, clearly, February 19th is 'Give Emma a Red Sparkly Dress Day!"

And as you can imagine she has totally run with that one!  xo

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