Monday, March 13, 2017

Made By Grace

When it comes to handwork there isn't much that this kid isn't good at! The latest addition to her repertoire of  handwork talent: felted animals. She finally finished the unicorn kit we gave her for her birthday this past July. Her project came to a complete standstill when this tiny dowel -a necessary item to make the legs- had gone missing. That is until recently when Emma recieved the bunny kit for her birthday and we discovered that same size dowel was in that kit! Once that piece was discovered she got right to work on the unicorn's legs and horn. Before she was able to finish the unicorn (due to the aforementioned missing dowel) she had completeed the chickadee kit that her Grandma Joan and Grandpa Ron gave her for Christmas. She absolutely adores those Woolpets kits, and has decided she'd like the lamb kit to be the next one she completes. xo

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