Wednesday, March 8, 2017

On International Women's Day

Our day began with the girls writing final drafts of the letters they wrote yesterday. Emma worked on the one for Elizabeth Warren, and Grace penned the one for Hillary Clinton. 
They were so very focused and took such care in writing these letters. Their admiration for both of  these incredible women was very evident. 
 "Mama, I am so very glad that we did this! I am glad that we got to tell them how grateful we are for all they have done!" -Grace
 I am so very proud of our two mini-feminists. They did such a wonderful job on these letters, and I have no doubt that this will be something they tell their own children about!  We hope that both Secretary Clinton and Senator Warren enjoy these letters as much as we did (and we are doubly hopeful that they write back)! Oh, what a treat that would be! 
After the letters were mailed we decided that we should check off another item on our International Women's Day/Day Without a Woman list by shopping local, women owned businesses. We are always happy to shop local, and are always happy to stop into these places and visit with the ladies who own them so  it's safe to say that we were all about that action item when we read it! Decked out in red we made the rounds. First up, a visit to Lori over at Serendipity for a new fairy house and a puzzle Then it was off to Harvard Sweet Boutique to pick up some treats for dessert tonight. Between the two of them they had $5.00 of spending money left and decided that a trip to The Purple Violet and a visit with Miss Heidi would be the perfect way to spend it. They took turns choosing carnations, and we chatted with Heidi as she wrapped up our bouquet. As we walked back to the car Emma said: "This was so much fun! I love celebrating International Women's Day!" Of course, it wasn't quite over yet- they both finished their day at yet another fabulous women owned local business- Center Stage Dance Studio (our home away from home)!

 Happy International Women's Day, friends! Keep celebrating. Keep advocating. Keep rising! xo

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