Monday, March 20, 2017

On The First Day Of Spring

The changing of the seasons has always been a much looked forward to time in our family, and today was no exception! The winter/Saint Patrick's Day decorations were put away, and out came the spring/Easter decorations. As is our tradition we read Mother Earth and her Children before lessons today (and The Story of the Root Children at bedtime tonight). There was a lovely spring verse said (with accompanying hand motions /dance) and then it was off to put the aforementioned verse in their main lesson books. Afterward, sap buckets were checked and emptid, bikes were ridden and snow walked through. It was far too beautiful of a day to not get outside! This evening, while Grace was at dance Emma and I decided to see what treasures may be  found at Target, and while it had been agreed upon that we would not be buying anything we did come away with two egg decorating kits (gnomes, snails and toadstools!  How could we not?!) and a shirt for Emma (check back tomorrow to see it's fabulousness)! 

Happy Spring, dear friends! We hope that your day was as lovely as ours! xo

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