Monday, April 10, 2017

An Afternoon Adventure

Yesterday, after church, my mom, the girls and I went in to Cambridge to attend the Ice Chips show. Last fall, at the church auction, friends of our from church won tickets to see the show, but a few weeks ago they discovered that they could not attend. We adopted the tickets from them, and asked my mom (who loves ice skating and Broadway music) if she'd like to join us since Dave was working this entire weekend.

Lyida and David (who had donated the tickets to the auction) sent us all sorts of wonderful info about the show, along with tips of what to bring/expect/be prepared for. We would be sitting in the very front row after all! And after yesterday I can safely say there is nothing like hearing the blades on the ice as people skate by! It's truly an incredible sound and experience!

Thanks to Lydia's incredible directions we found the rink easily. We made our way to our seats and then went off to find the VIP Lounge. While we were having a bite to eat before the show David (of Lydia and David) stopped by to welcome us and answer any questions we had. After our visit with David we made our way back to our (amazing!) seats and waited for the show to begin.

Never before had we sat that close to anything (much less to people figure skating). It was as if we were right on the ice with them! The show was absolutely wonderful, and all of the performers were amazing! Our favorite groups were definitely the synchronized skating teams. They were truly amazing and we can totally see why they are medal winning teams!

Everything about yesterday was truly lovely. From the weather to the company to the wonderful show and VIP treatment! Thank you Sydney, Vernon, Lydia and David. It was a truly fabulous day, and we are so very grateful to have had the chance to have this experience! xo

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