Saturday, April 22, 2017

Saturday In Boston

Today, we went into Boston to attend the March for Science. We had a few other errands to do in the city, so we went in a bit early so that we could get it all done before heading over to the Common for the rally. We  ran our first errand (a stop at LK Bennett) and then swung by Pinkberry for a pre-March smoothie! 

 A few months ago, Dave and the girls happened upon this store in Beacon Hill. They have all sorts of interesting items that old houses (and not-so-old houses) may require. They also learned that skeleton keys can even be made here (!) which was absolutely wonderful news to hear. You see, we have been missing one of our skeleton keys for a good few years now. After much searching (and all the renovations) we still have yet to find it. We had given up hope, but weren't willing to part with the door, so we kept looking for a way to find a key that fit. And lo and behold, the answer to our problem lies in a wonderful little shop in Beacon Hill! 
 So, Dave brought the lock with us, and the gentleman at the store was able to tell us all sorts of interesting things. \He looked at our door lock and noticed that it said "Corbin" and proceeded to tell us that this lock was made sometime in the late 19th, early 20th century in Connecticut. This date range makes sense as our house was built in 1890. It was so neat to learn that this beautiful front door of ours is, in fact, original to the house! 
 On the front door of the store was this beautiful twist bell. It reminded me of the doorbell at my Great Aunt Betty's gorgeous Victorian home in Elizabeth New Jersey. I loved that house and I loved that bell and so it's only fitting that we now live in a Victorian of our own. Dave and I were chatting about adding this bell to our front door (even though people rarely come in that way). I just think it would be a lovely addition to our sweet, old Victorian farmhouse! 
 After we left the store we wandered down Charles Street until we reached the Common. And though it was chilly, grey, rainy day there was still a very large amount of people gathered there on Boston Common. It was very reminiscent of being there in January for the Women's March. There were definitely many pink pussy hats that strolled by, and of course, many, many, many very cleaver signs! 
 Our mini-activists! 
 Making our way to the Kids Rally! 
 Making kites. 
 We just had to take this picture for Grandma Joan and Grandpa Ron! 
 Pin courtesy of Pincause
With how wet and raw out it was we decided that it was essential that we warm up with some hot chocolate over at the Nespresso store on Newbury Street. This was the perfect way to warm up before making our way back to the T and ultimately home! xo 

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