Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Competition Weekend

I had all intentions of writing this blogpost yesterday, but the exhaustion from the weekend hit us all much harder than I was expecting and it really caught up to us yesterday.

If you are on Facebook chances are you have seen these pictures already. And for that I apologize. If not, you're in for a real treat! It was such an amazing weekend and I am glad to have them all here (in addition to on Facebook) so that one day, when we finally print this blog in book form they'll be in there too.

It was such a truly amazing weekend! The snow that began on Friday turned out to be both a blessing and a curse. When we returned from dinner that night we learned that the competition would be delayed by six hours on Saturday. So instead of having to have the girls to the school where it was taking place at 7:00am we now had to wait until 2:00pm. Sure, it was nice to get to sleep in, but in the end it made for a really long day for all the girls (especially the youngest among us).

Being a dance team family this year has been such a gift. Ever since the girls started dancing at Center Stage we knew that we were in a very special place. And the awareness of how truly incredible Center Stage is increases exponentially when your family becomes a dance team family. The help, support, encouragement, wisdom and genuine caring of all the dancers, teachers and parents is second to none. I just loved how we all came together throughout the weekend. There were people helping to do various dancers buns (many thanks to Nicole!), make-up, fake eye lashes (the girls on the mini team did not wear them), or steaming costumes, And that was just back at the hotel! Once we were at the competition site there was more of the same. Miss Lauri repairing costumes. Miss Cindy straightening hair. People touching up make-up on various dancers. Being a part of the dance team really is like being a part of a very large family, and what a gift that is!

Each time a dancer from Center Stage took the stage this weekend you knew exactly where we all were sitting thanks to the huge amount of cheers that occurred. When the mini team took to the stage for the very first time you could hear the older dance team girls and parents shouting things like "Go minis!" and "You've got this!"  As soon as the girls finished their dance us moms made a run for the changing area to greet them and get them ready for their jazz dance. As we arrived the other moms and dancers told us how wonderfully they thought the girls did, and then when the girls arrived there was more clapping and cheering! Costumes and tights and their hairstyle were changed, make-up was touched up and off they went for their second performance! It was a flurry of activity and we mini team moms were impressed that we pulled it off pretty easily!

Once their second dance was completed (and more pictures were taken) they got changed into their warm-ups, had some snacks and spent some time hanging out as a team. They came in and watched the other dancers and joined in the cheering on of each girl as she took to the stage.

Finally, it was awards time. They gathered all the dancers on the stage and we waited to hear how each group did. This was very fast paced and took a little bit to figure out how it all worked. In the end I can tell you that Center Stage did really well (I have no idea on the final trophy count) and I am thrilled to share that the mini team brought home two elite golds! Not bad for a first competition if I do say so!

We returned home Sunday super tired but so very happy and so very proud! Grace cannot wait for the end of the month when she gets to do it all over again (and, after seeing all this, Emma is even more excitedly looking forward to auditioning for the team this summer than she already was)!Thank you, friends, for welcoming us all so warmly to the club, and thank you Lauri, Cindy and Michael for your beautiful choreography and your wonderful dedication to all our daughters! We are so blessed and very grateful to have you three at the helm and to get to be a part of this wonderful Center Stage Dance Team Family! xo

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