Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Day Three-Crusin'

 A gorgeous start to Monday. 
 More lounging in portholes. Clearly, these port holes are a  favorite spot! 
 I could get used to this!
 A little fun in the "pretty" elevator before heading back to our stateroom to get ready for the Frozen Meet and Greet. 
 In which the royalty meets. 
Elsa and Anna loved that Grace and Emma arrived in "Anna's birthday attire"!
 Professional pictures. 
Dave and I were not planning to be in any pictures (which is why we don't look our best here) but the photographer insisted. Plus, Emma loves that she did "the Anna foot"!
 I love how much they loved watching the ocean. 
Emma's barrette was made by Grace. 
Showing Grandma Joan her invitation to the Royal Court Tea Party (to take place on Saturday)! xo


  1. Those portholes are amazing! You can never leave home school behind (nature study!) :)

    1. Truth!

      And seriously, I think they could have spent all day in those portholes! :) xo