Thursday, November 9, 2017

Thank You, Mother Nature!

Many thanks to Mother Nature for the gift of these mushrooms for "fungus week"! It was as if she knew that was the topic we'd be studying in Exploring Nature with Children this week! xo


  1. I looked up Exploring Nature with Children and discovered an eBook with Charlotte Mason style nature studies for a full year. Associated with Raising Little Shoots blog. Is this the correct study you are referring too. It looks pretty good. Would love you input. Thanks

  2. Hi Rosemarie, that is indeed the one! We have the curriculum and the guided journal. Both are wonderful and will be enjoyed for years to come as there is so much in there! I just print out what I need for that week and the pages the girls need for their journals. I don't print out everything that's part of each week as there is just so much. This way I figure I can use this curriculum for a few years). It's been lovely! You would love it! xo

  3. Thank you! Have a great weekend.