Thursday, December 7, 2017

#TBT:: December 7, 1983

Every once-in-awhile I come across a box for which I have no clue about its contents. It's not often this happens but it's always fun when it does. I came across his little gem from 1983 in one such box over the summer (along with some cards from my high school graduation back in 1995) and decided that I'd save this post until today. 
It's amazing that this paper (copied on a mimeograph machine!) is at all legible after thirty-four years! It's hard to read in person, and only a bit more readable here thanks to a pretty strong Instagram filter.

And just because I know ya'll want a better shot of all the '80s awesomeness that is radiating from this picture, here you go! For those wondering, yes my mom was one of my Brownie leaders, and yes, that's her kneeling in front of me. Talk about blast from the past! xo

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