Monday, December 4, 2017

The First Light Of Advent

Yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent. As has become our tradition at church, the arrival of the first Sunday of Advent also brings with it our Advent Spiral walk. Over the past five years of Advent Spirals we have come to learn so very much, and yesterday all that wisdom allowed us to create (and experience) what was was easily our most magical Spiral yet! Everything came together as beautifully as always (though somehow it felt even more beautiful this year), and once again the Spiral wove it's magic for all in attendance. This is easily our most favorite Advent tradition (and we know that is the case for so many in our faith community, too). We love how beloved this tradition was from that very first year, and how beloved it  remains all these years later! Thank you to everyone who helped to make the Advent Spiral happen this year!The love that is poured into this event is very evident! Wishing everyone a blessed and peaceful holiday season. Whether or not you were in attendance last night, we hope that the beauty and magic of this Advent Spiral stays with you well into the new year! xo


  1. It looks so wonderful- I say this every year but honestly I have got to get there one of these years!!

  2. We'd love to have you and your family join us one year! xo