Monday, December 11, 2017

The Trees

All three trees are now up and it finally feels more like Christmas around here than it had been.  Usually, we have our window candles up right after Thanksgiving, and I was fully prepared to put them in the windows as soon as we got home from the crusie, but sadly, I think I inadvertently got rid of them when we were doing our big basement clean-out this past September. And, since there are no window candles to be found anywhere in MetroWest (or online) there's no way to make that right until next year. 
Our new tree topper. The box says it's a star, but to me it looks more like a sun  (which works since we usually put a sun tree topper on our tree on Solstice Day)!  And yes, I do know that the sun is actually a star! 
 The addition of our sun/star tree topper really just pulls our nature-y tree together. 
 The girls did a great job putting up our kitchen tree. We tried to put the angel my Grandma Ruth made (back when I was a kid) on the top, but the top part isn't strong enough to support it, unfortunately. There is a tree topper from World Market that I'm thinking would be absolutely perfect on this tree. 
And finally, the tree in the girls' room is up. It took some doing to locate a little tree due to the tree shortage that's going on this year (thanks to drought and the recession back in 2008). Since it's a bit smaller than the trees they've had there in the past they decided to use these sweet wooden ornaments that Gramma Terri brought up for them last year. We need to find them a little tree skirt of their own. It's funny to see them towering over their little tree this year! When we started this tradition (four years ago) they weren't all that much taller than it! Now, that's clearly not the case! xo

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