Monday, August 30, 2010

A Marvelous Monday

Today was a rather lazy day, which was totally fine with the girls and I.  Some days just need to be a day spent in your jammies, at home, snuggling and playing and just being.  And we would have been fine with us to remain in our jammies for the entire day had it not been for my friend Betsy posting a message on my Facebook page saying that the farm where she has her CSA still had pick your own tomatoes for $1.00/pound.  Mary and I have been dying to make the tomato sauce recipe (and can it) from Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver (such an incredible book) for awhile now and at $1.00/pound how could we pass this up?!  So, I called Mary to see if she and her tribe would be up for an adventure, and no sooner did I finish asking the question than she said "yes" and went to go get her littles ready.  So off we went to meet up with our friends in Millis.  We arrived to discover that sadly they were done picking for the day.  Bummer.  But on the bright side they do have an ice cream stand there, so the next logical move was, of course, to have ice cream for dinner!  Perfect for Meatless Monday, if I do say so myself.  

If only we could have brought this wonderful farm kitten home with us!  The girls fell in love the minute they spotted her.  She was, quite honestly, a very tolerant kitty for being so young.  What a sweetheart little Buckwheat was, and we were thrilled to get to meet her.  Someday, sweet daughters, we will have a cat of our own.  Someday...

Friday, August 27, 2010

Water Fun!

We spent our fun filled, family week alternating between daytrips and days spent at home doing home things.  We spent a fair amount of time going back and forth about whether to take the girls to Edaville Railroad or to a water park. The water park ultimately won out since we had just done the fair and wanted to head somewhere different. 

It took the girls awhile to warm up to the waterpark.  There was so much to take in, and in all honesty it was not the most ideal day to be there.  The weather was rather chilly for a summer day, and it was overcast (until it was time to head home that is, and then there were gorgeous blue skies for us).  We took them in the kids sections and on the lazy river, but it was not until we introduced them to the wave pool that they really got into it.  

This picture (of Grace's pedicured feet) was taken using the underwater function.  So cool!

They could have spent all day at the wave pool.  And while it was a good choice to go to the waterpark, in thinking about it after that particular day may have been a good day to head to an indoor water park.  We have been wanting to go to Coco Key and perhaps we should have gone there that day instead of being outside.  All in all, it was a fun way to spend our daytrip day!  

Thursday, August 26, 2010

This Week At The Farms

In order to help celebrate Mass Farmer's Market week, many of the local bloggers have agreed to post something about their local market.  Since we have had four straight days of rain (and since an online meeting for the Midwives College of Utah yesterday) we were not able to make it to the Wayland Farmer's Market (our usual market).  It is held on Wednesdays at Russell's Garden Center from 12:00pm-5:00pm.  Each week the girls and I go and buy our weekly dozen eggs, loaf of bread and assorted other fruits and vegetables.  We love to check out the art project that Beehive Art offers for the kids.  It's a fantastic market, and our week does not feel right if we don't go.  

Since we did not make it there yesterday, due to the aforementioned rain and meeting, I have chosen to post pictures from our weekly CSA trip to Hanson's Farm and from our visit to Honey Pot Hill Orchard (today) as a way to spotlight some of the local farms we love. 

Even though it was raining the girls still wanted to pick raspberries and flowers.  
They truly love being at the farm, rain, shine, mud, snow. Doesn't  matter to them. They are country girls through and through and would seriously do well on a teeny-tiny farm of their own.

The rain was making it really hard to get good pictures by the end of our trip to Hanson's.

The first cider donut of the season at Honey Pot Hill Orchard.  

"Mama! Look!  A frog!"  

"Here you go!"  

We adore our trips to the local farms and orchards.  We adore supporting the farmers and the work they do.  We adore eating local and would choose that over conventionally grown any day!  We love each part of the New England growing season, but especially look forward to the cooler temps and beautiful colors of autumn and all the delicious food that goes with it.  During this week, we encourage you to get out and support your local farm, orchard or market (or all of them!) even if you are not in Massachusetts.    Local food tastes so much better than anything you find in your local food store.  Just like the Ocean Spray Cranberry Bog Guys say about cranberries, local food "Tastes good, good for you!"  

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Scenes from the Bolton Fair

Emma's first ride on a roller coaster!

Kangaroos? In Massachusetts?  

Waiting for the pig races to begin. 
Look at them go!

And thus begins the season of country fairs! 

Monday, August 23, 2010

Princess Dresses and Rain Boots

I had originally planned to blog today about another one of the adventures we had last week.  That was until it rained, and until the girls decided that they must go to the library wearing their princess dresses and rain boots.  How could I resist?  

For being summer it sure is chilly out there today.  The girls of course, could not pass up the chance to jump in "muddy puddles" (although if truth be known none of them were, in fact, muddy) and asked about doing so as soon as we headed out the door for the library.  We decided that instead of getting wet before we went to the library we'd wait till we got home. It was later confirmed that was indeed a good idea.  The girls were quite a hit at the library today!  Many people stopped to compliment them on their outfits. It was fabulous!  Enjoy the rest of the day, dear friends.  We'll be back tomorrow with another post about our adventures last week.