Monday, July 30, 2018

A Visit To Charlotte's Web

 Yesterday, we went to Old Sturbridge Village to attend the 11:00am showing of Charlotte's Web. It couldn't have been a more glorious day if it wanted to be! 
Shortly after we arrived one of the cast members invited the children to come and help her hang the wash. 
 While the children helped hang the wash, another cast member treated us to some beautiful background music. 
 And then the show began! Emma and I found a shady spot in the back by the cooper's shop.
 Charlotte spins the first web word. The song she sang each time she wrote a new word was absolutely gorgeous. 
 While Wilbur is asleep Charlotte once again sings her song and spins another word. 
 Wilbur and Fern. 
 The third word. Courtesy of Templeton (seen in the red cap and sporting a fabulous Scottish brogue). 
 The last word. 
Charlotte's egg sac hangs at the edge of the barn. Here Charlotte is telling Wilbur she cannot make the trip back. that she is at the end of her life and too weak to travel (and it's right around here that the tears started). Her entire speech to him, and the beautiful song she sang as she died, made my tears flow even more than they already were. It was, from start to finish, a truly perfect re-telling of this beloved classic. I dare say EB White would be proud. 
 The entire cast. Oh, how I wish I had snapped this picture a moment sooner so Wilbur was looking up!  The talent in this group is outstanding! 
 Everyone was invited to meet the cast afterward. The girls made a beeline for Charlotte (I had, thankfully stopped crying by then) and we shared with her how much we truly loved the entire production (and her beautiful singing).

If you have plans to see this play you are in for such a wonderful treat! Get their early to help with the wash and listen to the gorgeous music (some of the best recorder and guitar playing you will ever hear). And if it's sunny be sure to grab one of the benches near the cooper shop (you'll be glad you did)! If you don't yet have plans to see it make some now! Tickets are still available and performances go through August 26th. xo 

Friday, July 27, 2018

One Final Birthday Gift

  One final gift for her birthday. 
This sweet deer doll was hand made in Australia and given to her by her Grandma Joan and Grandpa Ron today when they came to visit. 
 She is the perfect compliment to the sweet fairy doll that we gave her for her birthday, and the perfect choice for our deer/woodland creature loving girl! 
Thank you, Grandma Joan and Grandpa Ron, for this beautiful doll! There is no doubt in my mind that she will be treasured for years to come! And many, many thanks to everyone who made her twelfth birthday so very special! xo 

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

A Wish Come True

 Yesterday while I was on the phone with my mom the girls arrived in the kitchen carrying the mail. In it was a package for Grace, sent by my mom. She had mailed it the day before since she wasn't able to make it up for the birthday lunch at Pickity Place. And while I knew it was being mailed I did not expect it to arrive the next day, much less right when I was on the phone with her! With that in mind, you'll have to forgive the fact that there are no pictures of the beautifully wrapped gift, or of Grace opening it.

This gift, was one that Grace had been wishing for for many months. Each time we were in The Paper Store, she would make a beeline to the area where this sweet kit was and there I'd find her longingly looking at its box.  You can imagine how instant and how big the smile was on her face when she caught a glimpse of what was under the pretty paper! Both girls were super excited and wasted no time getting all the items set up and choosing which sweet things they'd create first! 

Grace's first creation. 
Grace and Emma's creations. They are so sweet!

Thanks mom and dad for making this much wished for dream come true! xo 

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Today At The Library

Emma made this gorgeous rainbow while we were at the library today! It should be noted that the girls do not get their Lego skills from me. I can barely make a  Lego car, so it's safe to say that a Lego rainbow is totally and completely out of my wheelhouse! xo 

Monday, July 23, 2018

Today At Pickity Place

When we asked Grace what she would like to do to celebrate her birthday she said she really wanted to go back to Pickity Place. And so, Grace, Emma and I made the hour long drive to Mason New Hampshire today to do just that. Originally, my mom (who celebrates her seventieth birthday this week) and my sister were supposed to come with us too, but due to a couple of unexpected circumstances they weren't able to join us. We were sad that they couldn't be there today, but we promised them we'd go together another time (soon)! 
We knew there would be a new Pickity cat (named Poppy) to meet today. The girls started looking for him as soon as we got near the house and it didn't take long before he appeared! 
And it wasn't long before they were rescuing this tiny frog from Poppy. 
 Our sweet Emma has been dreaming of her own orange cat for a few years now. Meeting Poppy only makes her want one even more now. And honestly, I cannot blame her. I love orange cats too, and this gentlemen was especially sweet! 
 Picture of Poppy taken by Emma. 
 The grounds at Pickity Place are full of nooks and crannies and lots and lots of enchantment. 
 Chilled cantaloupe soup. 
 Vegetable risotto. 
When I was choosing pictures to share I realized that I should have taken pictures of the salad portion of our meal. That red, white and blue potato salad was absolutely divine! 
 Boston Cream Pie for dessert. 

Though we were missing my mom and sister, and though it was rainy (off and on) we still had such a lovely time at Pickity Place. We are hoping we can return with my mom and sister soon, but if not I have a feeling that we'll be celebrating Grace's thirteenth birthday there next year! xo