Monday, September 27, 2021

At The Archery Range

Yesterday we took the girls on a mystery ride. With it being such a gorgeous day we thought it would be fun to surprise them with a trip to the archery range. They (especially Grace) had been asking for awhile to try archery, and with a gorgeous Sunday (and nothing else planned) we thought it was the perfect time to make that wish come true! The four of us had an absolutely fantastic time! It had been many, many years since I picked up a bow but it all came back pretty quickly! The girls took to it as beautifully as I expected they would, with each getting a few bullseyes! Grace was the first one of us to do so! I think it's safe to say that we'll absolutely be doing this again! xo

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

On International Peace Day


We've had our American peace flag up for about a week now but today seemed like the perfect day to share it's loveliness and message in this space. Happy International Peace Day! x0 

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Sunday Morning In The Orchard


Today's weather was so perfectly autumn (even though autumn is still a few days away) that we decided to skip church and head to the orchard! xo 

Thursday, September 16, 2021

My First Day Of School!


In which it's my first day of school! The Waldorf cohort in Antioch's EdD program kicked off the first day of our three day (virtual) residency this evening with class introductions! Such an incredible group of people to take this journey with over the next three years! So excited and grateful be part of such a special community. xo 

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

A Perfect Ending

With the girls beginning at Parker comes the ending of one dancing. Emma has decided to not dance this year, and while I am sad that we won't see her on stage (competitively or recreationally) anymore I am excited to see what awaits her, too. I am just so grateful that they were able to compete this gorgeous duo together last year. Though we did not know it at the time it was the perfect ending to her dance career. xo 

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Saturday, September 11, 2021

In Which We Pause


Pause for September 11
Don’t say – remember.
Some of our remembers
are complicated
by what was happening to us
and some of us do not remember
because we are too young.
Pause for September 11.
Don’t say – pray.
Some of us want to pray
about the fires ravaging the west,
the terrible losses
of the coronavirus pandemic,
and some want to assign God
a personal agenda
of the first two amendments,
immigration, or masks.
Pause for September 11.
Don’t say – be a patriot.
That has too many meanings,
mostly full of
and the rest of you are wrong
and can also be confused
with a football team, TV show,
or surface-to-air missile.
Just pause for September 11.
In 2001 particular people died.
People who helped continue to die.
People died in acts
of response or retaliation.
People who live still grieve.
People who live
try to make the world better
because of that day.
-Rev. Maren Tirabassi

Thursday, September 2, 2021

First Day


It's the end of an era! Go out into the world and be great, sweet girls, but even more importantly be kind! Have a great first day at Parker! 💚

And a fabulous first day was had indeed! xo

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

A New Beginning


A little over one week ago we received a phone call that totally changed our world! Back in January we put in application for the girls to attend Parker Charter School. As we were not sure what the 2021-2022 school year would hold for me (work wise) and the girls at Seasons of Seven wise (would they have a high school program?) we decided to cover our bases and apply. We knew it could be tricky as there aren't often many open spots for grades eight and nine but we figured what was the worst that could happen? They don't get in? And so, they were waitlisted and we figured that perhaps mid-year we'd get the call. Little did we know that we'd be getting the call one week prior to the new school year beginning but that's exactly what happened! 

After I got off the phone and my head stopped spinning I shared with David what I had just been told. He was as blown away as I was! We then discussed this opportunity as a family and the answer was clear: Grace (who was being offered a spot) really should take it. After all, this was her only chance as they don't take new students after ninth grade. And while we have absolutely loved homeschooling we knew that with me working full time that they would not be given the rich experience that they had been given all the years prior. Honestly, there was one day last spring, as Emma was making her catapult that I found myself really sad watching her. She was doing a great job, but I couldn't help but feel that that project really would have been so much better if she and a group were able to work on it together. 

With how rich their entire educations have been all these years we wanted them to have just as rich of a high school experience, too. And we knew that they would not get that at the town high school (and we knew the town high school was not the right place for them at all). We toyed with enrolling thing in one of the local Waldorf high schools but both required sizeable tuitions and were at least an hour away. We were hopeful that Parker would work out in the end and after the people we have spoken to and the tour we took (and registration today) we know that this was a school that was made for them! 

Parker is such a truly special place! It is an essential school, which means that they follow these ten common principles. They do not give traditional grades, nor a traditional diploma. To move up to the next division the students need to present their portfolios and give an explanation of why they feel ready to move up (in that subject area). To graduate they need to complete a senior project and portfolio and present that at senior exhibition. The school encourages students to think outside the box. They encourage students to embrace their mistakes. They encourage and embrace individuality and diversity. Parker truly is the stuff of dreams! 

Parker's very unique education is so very much inline with how our girls have been raised and educated. We are grateful to have been a homeschooling family all these years, and we are grateful that the girls had all the opportunities they had as a result, and became the incredible young ladies they are as a result, as well. And while we are sad that our homeschooling days are drawing to a close we are excited that they will be gaining a community of people that will step in where we left off ('cause Lord knows high school is NOT in my wheelhouse)!

To learn more about what makes Parker so unique be sure to watch this video. It captures so perfectly why we are glad that our girls will be attending! 

And so, we went to register Grace today and ended coming home with Emma registered as well! The girls are thrilled and so are we! We are so very excited to be a Parker family and cannot wait to see all that awaits them. xo