Monday, May 31, 2010

A Blast from the Past!

This post is dedicated to my parents, without whom this post would not be possible!  Thanks, Mom and Dad for giving us one of these toys many moons ago!

You know you are old when toys you had as a child show up at consignment sales and are labeled "vintage".  Such was the case at the consignment sale we were recently at (the one where we happened upon the lovely white dress that we brought home to serve as a wedding gown for Grace).  I did not see this particular item until we were on our way back to the car to head home. I saw it and knew that we had to have it, even if it was labeled as "vintage shopping cart".  Sadly, it would require me to wait in a line that was easily 30 minutes long.  With two littles who wanted nothing more to head home for lunch. It was clearly not going to happen.  Or so we though. Cue my friend Sade, who had called to see if we were heading to the sale and who after hearing my sad tale said that she'd be happy to pick it up for us if it was still there.  A few days later she let me know that she had in fact gotten ahold of it!  They brought it with them to our picnic yesterday and it has been played with (and adored) ever since!

Seeing my girls play with this brings back such good, good memories. 

And I have a feeling that when they come across one 
at a sale someday (by then it will be labeled "antique"), 
it will bring back good, good memories for them too.  

That is if this smile is any indication!

So thanks Mom and Dad for giving this shopping car to us all those years ago!  
It's wonder and excitement live on!


Yesterday we had some friends over for a Memorial Day weekend picnic.  The grill was going, music playing, and wonderful conversations were had by all.  The weather was beyond perfect.  And just when you think it can't get any better, out came the bubbles!

It was a fabulous way to spend the evening.  
Good friends, good food, good bubbles.  
What could be better?  
Ah, life is good!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Playing in the Rain

No sooner did I plug the camera in to download pictures from the last couple of days, than the girls started doing their yoga poses!  I so wish that I had waited a moment longer so I could have captured that on film as well.  Clearly yoga is a hit in our house (as is playing in the rain)!

Have a wonderful night, friends and enjoy the rest of the long holiday weekend. 

Field Trip Friday

Yesterday the weather was so gorgeous it was begging for us to spend the day outside.  We decided to oblige and invited our friends to come over and head to the Natick Community Organic Farm with us. We all piled into our van and headed on our way. 

On our way back home, the little ones fell asleep. Instead of waking up Will, Mary decided to just take all four children back to her house.  She and I decided that we would meet up after dinner so Dave and I could collect the girls. What a treat to have a whole afternoon to myself (and a date night with Dave, too)!  

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Visit With Friends

Yesterday my fabulous goddaughter, Hannah and her boyfriend, Brad arrived. It had been almost eight years since I last saw her, so when she contacted me about coming to visit I was thrilled! They were heading to Connecticut to visit her dad and wanted to stop by on their way down.  Perfect!  They arrived mid-afternoon with lots of delicious goodies from Vermont (which only increased my desire to move there even more) and much fun (and food) was had by all.

After we adults had a chance to catch up, a lovely concert was performed. 
Grace debuted her new song: "Maine is a wonderful place."
This was especially funny since she has never been to Maine!

Brad plays a mean triangle!

Em took a moment from her dancing to cool off. 
Yes, we had the central air on.
It was however taking forever for the first floor to get cool since it was easily in the high 90s yesterday.

Hannah and Grace quickly became friends. 

It's amazing how much Emma looks like Hannah's sister when she was this age. 
That was back in the day when Sara still spelled her name with the 'h' at the end.  

And now we have come full circle.  
My girls snuggled up with Hannah like she and Sarah used to do with me 
when I would come over to babysit.  
Ah, such good, good memories...
It was a wonderful visit.  
The only way it could have been any better is if Sara was able to be there too. 
One day we'll have to make that happen.
Have a wonderful night, dear friends (and safe travels back home tomorrow Hannah and Brad).