Thursday, November 30, 2017

Day Four- Nassau

 6:15am I heard a change in the sound of the ship and knew that we had arrived in port. I quickly got up, peeked out the window and was welcomed by a beautiful sunrise. I woke Grace up and the two of us went up to the fourth deck to watch as the Magic docked. 
 While we were up there we got to watch as another cruise ship arrived in port. 
 The rainbow made the morning even more lovely. 
 Emma watches as more ships arrive. 
 Another cruise ship, and another rainbow. 
 After breakfast, and before it was our time to head out for our adventure in Nassau, we got to met some more of the princesses. 
 Back in the porthole! 
 Watching from deck nine as the Disney Dream arrives in Nassau.
 The Dream as seen from The Magic. 
 The Disney Dream has docked. 
 In the porthole (again) while we wait for our tour group to leave. 
I'm pretty sure these two could have spent the entire day in this porthole! 
 Our adventure in Nassau took us to the Ardastra Gardens, Zoo and Conversation Center where we met some lovely Bahamian Flamingos.
Grace took quite a liking to this sweet Kestrel. 
 Feeding apple slices to the Lory Parrots. 
 Before heading back to the ship, our tour guide made a stop so we could get out and play on the beach for a bit. The sand was so soft, and the water was so gorgeous and warm. Stopping at the beach was such a lovely and unexpected bonus to this tour. 
 Our stateroom host, Danny, left the girls toys in the window to greet us when we arrived back at the room. 
 Ready for pirate night! 
Tonight's towel creation. 
 Captain Mickey! 
A perfect ending to a perfect day! xo

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Day Three-Crusin'

 A gorgeous start to Monday. 
 More lounging in portholes. Clearly, these port holes are a  favorite spot! 
 I could get used to this!
 A little fun in the "pretty" elevator before heading back to our stateroom to get ready for the Frozen Meet and Greet. 
 In which the royalty meets. 
Elsa and Anna loved that Grace and Emma arrived in "Anna's birthday attire"!
 Professional pictures. 
Dave and I were not planning to be in any pictures (which is why we don't look our best here) but the photographer insisted. Plus, Emma loves that she did "the Anna foot"!
 I love how much they loved watching the ocean. 
Emma's barrette was made by Grace. 
Showing Grandma Joan her invitation to the Royal Court Tea Party (to take place on Saturday)! xo