About Us

Hi! My name is Shel. I am a wife, mama. daughter, sister, friend, doula, bikini girl, nurturer of souls, keeper of the everyday treasures and born and raised New Englander. I am so honored that I get to share my life with the amazing people that make up this wonderful family of mine. Everything that I thought I would never do I have done or am doing (yay for homeschooling!) and there are things I wish I knew more about "back in the day" that I would have loved to have experienced (homebirth).
Dave and I met in college, started out as friends, became best friends then started dating. Something we (and by "we" I mean me) did not think would last past our senior year of college has now been going strong for twenty years. This summer we celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary! While we have surely had our share of bumps in the road we have made it through and are all the stronger for it. The girls and I are eternally thankful for all Dave does to make this incredible life we lead possible, for without his hard work, dedication and belief in our family we would not be able to continue to share our days as we do.
Grace is our sweet, caring, wonderful first born girl who adores her side kick, partner in crime and best friend Emma (who, for the longest time, truly believed was her twin). For those of you who know My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, she is our Fluttershy. She is a gem and I am so honored that I get the privilege of being her mama.
Emma is our sweet, spirited, spunky, with her own sense of style youngest daughter who adores her sidekick, partner in crime, and best friend Grace. For those of you who know My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic she is our Rainbow Dash (and yes, I do believe she does believe she is 20% cooler than most people). She is a ray of sunshine and I am so honored that I get the privilege of being her mama. 
Together, the four of us (along with Gretchen our cat) live, laugh, love and learn in this wonderful old farmhouse. From the moment we set foot inside this house fifteen years ago we knew that it was home! It has such a good vibe. Such a good spirit. You just feel at peace the minute you walk through the door. It is the site of many wonderful gatherings and celebrations and contains many memories for our entire extended family. Regardless of if we live here for just a short while longer (or forever) this is a magical place indeed.  xo