Sunday, February 25, 2024

Scenes From Emma's Birthday


Birthday mornings in our family always start with gifts! 
Generally, sister gifts are first. 
And this time was no exception! 
Nothing like a silly birthday message/inside joke from one sister to the other! 
I love that I was able to capture this moment! 
Grace gave her some make-up supplies as well as a gorgeous band for her Apple Watch (which I realized when I was putting this post together I did not take a picture of yet). 
In which David presents Emma with the gift his parents sent. 
A much wished for riding jacket! 
Time for her gift from mama and daddy. 
Just like when Grace turned sixteen, we gifted Emma with a necklace of what the sky looked like when she was born. We also purchased her sun, moon and rising sign natal chart and reading as well. 
Ready for her birthday gathering! 
The girls get started. 
Hard at work.
The girls did such a fabulous job creating their wreaths! Each one was as beautiful and unique as they are! Such a perfect way to celebrate Emma's sweet sixteen! After this they headed out for Starbucks and shopping in Hudson, then came back and watched a movie before Emma had to head to her riding lesson and Mandy and Lucy had to head home. It was a truly perfect day, celebrating the newly minted sixteen year old! Hard to believe that she's sixteen already (and that we won't have any more sixteen year old birthday gatherings in our house again). 

Emma Faith, you are an absolute delight of a human and it truly is an honor to be your mama. Getting to be part of your world from the moment you were in my belly and every day since has been the privledge of a liftetime. I have loved watching you grow into the amazing young woman that you are and cannot wait to see what awaits you this year. Wishing you a year as delightful, caring, joy-filled and passionate as you are! You complete our family so beautifully, and I am grateful you chose me to be your mama! Here's to another fabulous trip around the sun! I love you to the moon and back, forever and ever, sweet girl. XO, Mama 

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Happy Sixteenth Birthday, Emma Faith!


We had quite a fabulous day celebrating our newly minted sixteen year old! I'll return tomorrow with more pictures and stories, as there is too much to share and not enough energy after our fun-filled day to share it! 

Happy birthday, sweet girl! May this day be a wonderful start to your next trip around the sun and may this next year be full of all the people and things you love most in this world! We love you! xo 

Sunday, December 31, 2023

Christmas Day, December Wrap Up and 2023 In Review

 Christmas morning. 

Boxing Day. 
Legos in the morning. 
Brunch, Starbucks and shopping with friends after. 
It's hard to believe that it's New Year's Eve already! 2023 flrew by at warp speed and as a result this little space of ours has not been tended too as much as it has been in years past.

January 2023 saw me switching from Youth Group Director to Director of Children's Ministry, yet by November 1st I had resigned as a staff member of FCC. 

Both girls began the year as students at Parker and have ended this year, once again, as homeschoolers.

Little did we know that Christmas of 2022 would be our last with Miss Gretchen. She passed in April and there has been a Gretchen sized hole in our hearts (and on my lap) ever since. 

We added Violet to our family in March. 

We added new chicks to the farm in June. 

We added another lisenced driver to the family in October. 

And we added yet another ski instructor to the family in December (congrats, Emma!)! 

There was much goodness in 2023, and some sadness along the way too, but on the whole we continued to grow as individusals and a family. It has been a joy to our return to our regularly scheduled programming as a homeschool family. Like the world is right again. 

We chatted about our hopes nad dreams for 2024 over dinner of Thai food tonight. I will share that in this space tomrrow. Tonight, we will celebrate and reflect on the year past and begin to look foward to the year ahead. To those of you still following along with our goings on in this space, we thank you! I am not sure what is instore for our little piece of the internet in the year to come, but I hope to still find tme to record our adventures and other milestones, especially as we look forward to welcoming yet another liscened driver into the family! 

Happy New Year's Eve, friends! xo