Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sad News

For all those who are not on Facebook and have not already heard, I am heartbroken to report that our beloved Saraphina Kiki has taken off.  We were blessed to have such a fabulous cat join us for exactly one week.  We very quickly fell in love with her and her departure has left a giant hole in our hearts.  We hope to one day soon have a cat as lovely as Miss Saraphina Kiki.  Although a cat quite as lovely might be rather hard to come by.

Summer Solstice

We wish you many wonderful blessings (although belated) for a wonderful Summer Solstice!  May you take time to enjoy the beauty of the Earth and your dear ones.  

Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day started off with the girls giving David the pictures that they worked so hard to make for him.  They came out beautifully and are currently hanging on our fridge!

After we gave David his gifts, we gathered our stuff and began our journey to Salem.  We were taking David to Salem Willows.  How we had never been before is beyond me (especially since our wedding reception was in Salem at the Hawthorne Hotel).  He is a huge fan of old school amusement parks and this looked like a place that he would love.  And love he did.  

Everything at Salem Willows is a quarter.  Except for a few things that are ten cents (or a penny) or occasionally 50 cents.  

After we earned a fair amount of tickets we headed to KiddyLand.  
Old school kid rides at their finest!

I tried desperately to get the girls to ride this, but sadly neither of them would take me up on it. 

Ice cream under one of the willow trees for which the park is named. 

Heading back to trade in all our tickets (200 of them).  

The obligatory shot of the amazing hotel where we had our wedding reception almost eight years ago!
It was the totally perfect way to spend Father's Day!  The girls were quite captivated with earning tickets, pushing buttons and enjoying some good old fashioned family fun!  We will most certainly be heading back for years to come.  

Dear David, The girls and I wish you the happiest of Father's Days! Thank you for making this incredible life we live possible!  You are the most amazing Dad and have been since the day you scooped up newborn Grace! We hope you enjoy your day and all the super fun things planned! XO 

Patrick's Birthday Party

Our friends Erin and Mike invited us to join in celebrating their son Patrick's third birthday on Father's Day weekend.  The weather was incredible, the food was delicious and the company and conversation was fantastic!  

Emma's introduction to water balloons!

The girls were the only girls there but they totally represented well.  

Do not be surprised when this little is a member of the military's Special Ops unit!  
Thanks, Erin and Mike for including us in all the birthday fun!
We had an absolutely wonderful time!

Gramma to the Rescue!

I ended up hurting my back last week. I think it all centered around how often I had to separate the girls from the cat last week that I just aggravated something in my back. I thought that resting it would be enough, but sadly, that was not the case. It could mean only one thing, it was time to call in the reinforcements (read: my mom)!  She was thrilled to be able to come, and especially happy to get to meet Saraphina.  

It was so great to have mom here to help with the girls so that I could recover.  I truly do not know how I would have gotten through those few days without her!  Thanks, Mom!  We love you!