Friday, December 31, 2021

Our Year in Review

Oh, twenty-twenty one! How we thought you might not be as crazy as twenty-twenty was and here we are heading into twenty-twenty two with trepidation. Though twenty-twenty one wasn't what we expected we continued to find so much goodness amidst the craziness too! 

This year saw us pull off the most epic birthday surprise for Emma. It saw the girls perform their first (and most likely only) competitive duo (see video below). 

 It was the year that Grace graduated eighth grade which was also the day we saw both sets of grandparents for the first time in fifteen months! This was the year that David completed the ski patroller course, and it was the year that I went back to school as a doctoral student. This was also the year that we added Lily-Rose (the best bunny ever) to our family! 

Twenty-twenty one was the year that we said good-bye to being a homeschool family and hello to being a Parker family. And while we all miss homeschooling (me especially) we are so incredibly impressed with how beautifully the girls transitioned to Parker (it does help that it's very similar to how we always did things here, minus the Waldorf aspect of our life, of course). There will always be part of me that wishes we had been able to see homeschooling through to graduation day, or that we at least had Emma complete her eighth grade year at Seasons of Seven before heading to Parker. But regardless, they are happy and thriving and fit in so perfectly within the Parker community that we are grateful they are there too! 

Twenty-twenty one also was the year we said good-bye to my grandfather. Emma grieved this deeply and will forever miss he beloved pen pal. Christmas was strange this year with him gone. Our mailbox isn't quiet the same without his cards and letters. We remain grateful for all the wonderful letters and PowerPoint presentations he sent our way! I mean, really, I think my grandfather had a better handle on PowerPoint than I do! 

We are hopeful that twenty-twenty two will be kind to all of us, but even if it isn't we will continue to find the silver linings throughout. We wish you all a year full of health and happiness! xo 

As promise wakens in the sleeping land:
They carol, feast and give thanks, 
And dearly love their friends, 
And hope for peace. 
And now so do we, here, now, 
This year and every year. 

-from The Shortest Day by Susan Cooper


Last Night At The Village


It was easily the latest we had ever gone to Christmas by Candlelight but it was as lovely as ever! The only thing that would have made the night any better would have been if there was snow on the ground! Wishing you a fabulous last day of 2021! xo  

Thursday, December 30, 2021

Thank You Note Writing


A grey, chilly, misty morning made for the perfect day to get their thank you notes written! xo

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

A Little More Christmas


A chess set for Emma and a soprano ukulele for Grace (items that the girls have hoped for for awhile now) made for an even lovelier holiday! Thanks Grandma Joan and Grandpa Ron for such thoughtful gifts and for such a lovely visit! xo

Monday, December 27, 2021

On Christmas Day

 Our Christmas Day was just the four of us and -even with a trip to the laundromat- was one of our most lovely! 

Emma's gift from Grace. She found this on Etsy and just knew that it would be perfect for Emma! 

David's gift made by my friend Cindy who owns Hot Mess Company!

Grace's gift from Emma. She found this at Homespun back in September. 

Grace gave me the sweet little German figurine. I have always loved these and have dreamed of own some. I was so thrilled to receive my first one this Christmas! 
The girls each received this shirt as their "something to wear" gift. 

Grace told us several months ago that she has always wanted a tin lantern from Old Sturbridge Village. 

So we decided to make that her "something you want" gift! 

The Bruce Springsteen and Barack Obama book was the perfect choice for Dave's "something to read" gift. 

Enola Holmes' books one and two for the girls' "something to read" gift. 

They both needed new helmets so that became their  "something you need gifts." 
A gift from Mr. and Mrs. Fadden!

Like I mentioned earlier part of our day was spent at the laundromat. The belt of our washing machine (which is twenty-nine years old) broke and the part that we ordered from Amazon (that shipped) never arrived, so there we were, Christmas morning doing wash since we were all running out of clothes by then! 

German Christmas cookies from Silke's Cookies

Such a sweet and simple day and so perfectly us! We hope that if you were celebrating too that your day was just as spectacular! xo 

Sunday, December 26, 2021

Happy Boxing Day!


Boxing Day for us has typically meant a day spent in jammies building Legos but this year we decided to change it up and ordered two gorgeous 1,000 piece puzzles from Eboo! Love that that company is woman owned, mother run and sustainably sourced! Happy Boxing Day, friends! xo

Saturday, December 25, 2021

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas from our family to yours! We have had the most wonderfully quiet day and will share pictures and stories from Christmas morning soon. For now, we will continue to soak in all the joy of the day. Wishing you a Christmastide filled with peace., hope, joy and love. xo