Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Day with Grandpa

Since the girls had a day with Gramma all to themselves, it seemed only fitting that they get a day with Grandpa all to themselves too.  Dad and I decided that we should take them to the Shore Line Trolley Museum.  We had not been there since I was around Grace's age (and if our other computer was working I would show you the beautiful picture that my grandfather took of Daddy and I on that very trip).  

Grandpa shows the girls how to change the trolley signal.  

This is one of the crazy T buses that runs on a track which is found in the towns surrounding Boston. How funny to see this in Connecticut!  
Heading to the carbarns where other trolleys are stored.  

Grandpa and Grace explore one of the vintage trolleys. 
A meeting of the minds. 
Heading back to our trolley to finish the tour.  

The girls have always enjoyed trains, especially last Christmas when David, my brother and my Dad put together David's childhood set, so it was the perfect trip to take the girls on.  It was a fabulous way to spend the day.  Truly another "life comes full circle" kind of day except now my dad was in the role of grandpa! 

And of course, no adventure with my Dad is complete without some ice cream, so that was next on the list.  On our way back home the girls both fell asleep, so I quietly said my good-byes and thank-yous to my parents and headed back to Massachusetts.  The girls slept virtually the whole way and upon waking up realized that they did not get to say good-bye to Gramma and Grandpa.  Many requests were made to head back to their house instead of their own. Sometime soon, sweet daughters.  Sometime soon.  

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