Thursday, August 12, 2010

Redcoats and Rebels

Sunday was another gorgeous day.  Another day that was beckoning to be spent outside.  And so, even though Dave had things that he wanted to do (read: mow the lawn) those were put on hold for a family adventure to Old Sturbridge Village.  We decided to head there for the Sunday Brunch and check out the Redcoats and Rebels re-enactment that was taking place that weekend.  We had a delicious meal and watched a good size line form to get in.  We were then told that on Saturday they had about 5,000 more visitors than they do on the 4th of July.  Crazy!  We finished up and headed in.  Membership has it's perks as we were able to cruise by the long line to the members express line and headed in without so much as a one minute wait!

We did not end up staying to see the battle, there were so many people in attendance that we were not sure that the girls would be able to see too much.  We were happy to have been able to see it last year though, so we did not feel too bad leaving.  

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