Monday, August 30, 2010

A Marvelous Monday

Today was a rather lazy day, which was totally fine with the girls and I.  Some days just need to be a day spent in your jammies, at home, snuggling and playing and just being.  And we would have been fine with us to remain in our jammies for the entire day had it not been for my friend Betsy posting a message on my Facebook page saying that the farm where she has her CSA still had pick your own tomatoes for $1.00/pound.  Mary and I have been dying to make the tomato sauce recipe (and can it) from Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver (such an incredible book) for awhile now and at $1.00/pound how could we pass this up?!  So, I called Mary to see if she and her tribe would be up for an adventure, and no sooner did I finish asking the question than she said "yes" and went to go get her littles ready.  So off we went to meet up with our friends in Millis.  We arrived to discover that sadly they were done picking for the day.  Bummer.  But on the bright side they do have an ice cream stand there, so the next logical move was, of course, to have ice cream for dinner!  Perfect for Meatless Monday, if I do say so myself.  

If only we could have brought this wonderful farm kitten home with us!  The girls fell in love the minute they spotted her.  She was, quite honestly, a very tolerant kitty for being so young.  What a sweetheart little Buckwheat was, and we were thrilled to get to meet her.  Someday, sweet daughters, we will have a cat of our own.  Someday...


  1. Hopefully soon we'll get out to a "pick your own" place!

  2. I hope you can too! It doesn't get better than "pick your own"! :)