Monday, August 23, 2010

Princess Dresses and Rain Boots

I had originally planned to blog today about another one of the adventures we had last week.  That was until it rained, and until the girls decided that they must go to the library wearing their princess dresses and rain boots.  How could I resist?  

For being summer it sure is chilly out there today.  The girls of course, could not pass up the chance to jump in "muddy puddles" (although if truth be known none of them were, in fact, muddy) and asked about doing so as soon as we headed out the door for the library.  We decided that instead of getting wet before we went to the library we'd wait till we got home. It was later confirmed that was indeed a good idea.  The girls were quite a hit at the library today!  Many people stopped to compliment them on their outfits. It was fabulous!  Enjoy the rest of the day, dear friends.  We'll be back tomorrow with another post about our adventures last week.  

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