Sunday, September 5, 2010

Big Doings

We bought Emma her bed when we went out Friday night to celebrate our incredible family. 
She started saying "Thank you, Daddy!"  the minute he began loading it into the car, and did not stop for a good few minutes. 
It was so sweet!
Doing the happy dance. 
Emma is never one to be left out of a project, especially if that project involves tools. 

Peek a boo!

She could not wait to get her hands on the drill!  First time using a power tool. 

Emma took one look at her bed and declared: "It's my a-night!"

We decided to go with the second toddler bed so that a) we could continue to use the crib mattress and b) so we could push them together to make a bigger bed for the girls to share.  We felt that this would be a good way for them to get used to sharing a bed since we plan to put them into a double bed for awhile once they outgrow these.  We were very surprised when we opened the box to discover that Pottery Barn Kids had changed the design of this bed.  No worries though, clearly our plan still worked, even if there are some differences between the two. 
Dave felt we should keep the crib up "just incase" Emma needs it.  Although it's a little crowded in there, it's rather interesting to see that we can infact get their beds and a crib in that room.  If only....  :)


  1. Shel, She is such a beautiful little girl :) So good to read and watch your blog! Loving watching the girls grow up and you and Dave pave the way for us from VA. Love you! <3

  2. I can't handle the cuteness factor of Emma in a bed! You can clearly tell she is in heaven!

  3. Such a big step! How exciting.
    Would love to meet in person one day.