Thursday, September 30, 2010

Grace and Emma Attend A Wedding

After our fabulous trip to Freeport we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding.  We were all excited to go, but no one was more excited than the girls, especially Grace.  Our girls can get dirty with the best of them, but they are also totally into getting dressed up and pretending to be princesses and go to weddings (where they generally marry each other) that the idea of actually going to a real wedding was almost too much for them to comprehend!  

We were so thrilled to be heading to this wedding.  Mr. Benchly (the groom) was Dave's roommate all four years of college.  Benchly and Dave were pretty much the modern day Oscar and Felix, so I give him much credit for living with Dave and his insane mess for all four years!  We were so honored to have Mr. Benchly in our wedding party on that super hot day in August of 2002, and were super sad when we lost touch with him for close to six years.  Thanks to the reconnecting powers of Facebook, we have been back in touch with him for the last two and were able to witness, through pictures and blogposts, the incredible love story that unfolded between him and his lovely wife, Mrs. Benchly!  So, it was a no-brainer when we received their beautiful invitation that we would make this the girls first wedding. It was the perfect first wedding for them to attend, full of autumnal New England splendor and very laid back.  
It was a truly incredible day!  From the moment Mr. Benchly began his walk down the aisle to the lovely ceremony spot you could feel the joy.  And from the moment that Mrs. Benchly began her walk down the aisle you could feel the love.  Love was the theme of the day and it radiated throughout the entire site.  To bask in it, was an honor.  To get the chance to share this wonderful event with our girls was a joy.  We cannot thank the Benchly's and their families enough for including us in such a blessed event as this!  Thank you for enjoying our girls and their wonder at the sight of a real bride and groom.  Thank you for sharing your love story with all of us, dear friends, and we look forward to many more incredible chapters still to come.  Enjoy the amazing adventure that is life as a married couple.  The best is yet to come! 

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