Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pumpkins and Flowers and Catapults! Oh My!

Dave had to work today, so it meant the girls and I were left to find adventure on our own.  With it being a most perfect fall day, finding adventure was super easy!

First up, Drumlin Farm.  The girls were so into the painting of these pumpkins I was not sure we'd make it to the other places on our list of fun fall events!

Painting pumpkins is very exhausting!
Next up:  Land's Sake.  They were having a fall festival, and since it was on our way home from Drumlin, we stopped by. 

The cider press was a big hit, with young and old alike. 
And then we discovered the catapult.  

Flinging fruit and veggies is super fun!

We decided we wanted one in our own yard!
No good fall festival is complete without face painting.  A kitty for Em,
And a bunny for Miss Grace!

We had a truly lovely day and were so sad that David was not with us to enjoy all the fun.  I have a feeling though, if he had been, he'd be outside right now figuring out how to put a catapult in our yard!  Composting has never been so fun!

Happy October, friends!

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  1. I want a catapult now! :) Thanks for sharing your super fun Fall day with us all!