Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Days Adventures

This week has been full of grey skies and bitterly cold rain.  As a result we have done nothing all that exciting (or blog worthy).  Today though, the rain stopped and blue skies came out (for awhile).  The girls and I decided we would head out in search of adventure (and a new electric blanket for David and I).  Our first stop was Target where we (of course) checked out the dollar bins and bought toothbrushes for the girls (exciting, I know).  We did find an electric blanket, but somehow it did not seem like "the one".  So we checked out and headed next door to the mall.  We entered through Sears where we quickly found some fabulous, pink sparkly shoes for Em.  She fell in love and insisted she wear them right away.  So off we went, sparkly shoes and all, in search of an electric blanket.  We took the escalator up and were greeted by this:
Yup.  There was no way out at this point. 
Notice her fabulous shoes. 

Finally I convinced the girls to leave Christmas Land and go in search of the blanket that we were on a mission to find.  While we did find one that is a possible contender, we did not bring it home since I wanted to check a couple of other stores first.  The girls asked to walk around the mall. Personally, I think they had a plan to head to the next destination all along!

I wish I was in a better spot to be able to capture the true sweetness of this moment.  
After this, we headed home. Lots of cleaning was on the agenda, as was naptime.  
After naptime, it was time to create.  The girls each spent time with scissors, glue and paper, creating, cutting, chatting and encouraging each other.  Grace made a bird (strips of paper glued on top of each other and adorned with lovely butterfly stickers) and asked to hang it on the wall in her room.  A little painters tape did the trick, and she found the perfect spot over her bed!
It was a most fabulous day!
Have a wonderful night, dear friends!

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