Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Yoga

Today is yoga day!  This is cause for celebration each week in our house, and today it was even more exciting because the girls got to wear their Halloween costumes to class!  Oh my gosh, you would have thought I told them they were going to Disney World (not that they have been yet.  They don't even know that such a place exists.  We have a good few years before that trip is made).  There was much rejoicing in the land of tiny humans.  And so they got dressed up.  And put on a little show.

Clearly these two have watched the Barbie Fashionista movie a few too many times.  

 Instead of "om" we chanted "boo!"  

 Picking up cotton balls with their monkey toes. 
And hanging out with their incredible teacher, Alexandra!  I am positive that Emma wants to be her when she grows up!

Clearly, it was another awesome yoga class, made even more awesome by the addition of Halloween costumes!  Thank you, Alexandra, for making my girls love yoga so much!  You rock!  

Happy Halloween!

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