Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Topsfield Fair

On Sunday we headed to the Topsfield Fair.  We love the Topsfield Fair, and have gone many of the years since we have been here.  This year was special though.  This year, one of my dearest friends from high school and her family, would be there showing their horses.  Sarah and I have not seen each other in about eight years.  Dave and I were newly married the last time I saw her, and since then we have both had children (five girls between the two of us) and have not had a chance to visit, although many attempts have been made.  

It was a gorgeous day for a trip to Topsfield, and we were thrilled to make the trip.  It turns out that everyone else in the area had the same idea too.  The place was packed. Many parking lots were full, and the wait for the shuttle bus was at least an hour long.  We had the brilliant idea to follow one of the shuttle buses to the fair, and while we did not get to follow them the entire way, it did garner us a fabulous parking spot (one of the last for a bit, I am sure!) in a lot right across from the main entrance.  

 Dave, Grace and Em watch as Sarah, Chuck and their crew hitch up the team.

 This picture says it all.  The girls were beyond excited and totally captivated!

While we did not get to spend nearly as much time with Sarah and her family as we had hoped (mostly due to the length of time it took us to arrive, find lunch and then navigate through the sea of people) we were thrilled to have the behind the scenes tour and get to watch them show!  It was such a very special day, full of many wonderful memories.  Thank you, dear friends for coming to Topsfield!  We can't wait to get together again (very soon)! 

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