Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Fun

Labor Day weekend always brings two big events to our town.  The Greek Festival and the Labor Day Parade. I had never heard of a Labor Day Parade until we moved here seven years ago, but evidently the town has been doing this for eons, and it's the state's largest Labor Day parade.  Not hard I suppose when there are not that many to contend with.  

Last night we headed to the Greek Festival for dinner.  The girls shared their first gyro (so yummy).  

And we all shared an order of loukoumades.  
Emma likes to enjoy hers while dancing. 
There were also cookies eaten. 
And of course, no trip the Greek Festival is complete without some baklava!
We strolled through the greek market, 
where we got a good laugh out of this t-shirt .
The girls loved all the jewels.   

Today we went to the Labor Day parade.  
Every good New England parade has some type of colonial re-enactment/fife and drum corps.  
Dave and I both commented on how it felt more like a 4th of July or Memorial Day parade.  
The Hallamore Clysdales were in attendance too.  

And so was Abe Lincoln.  He attends every year.  
After about an hour Emma asked to go home to go "a-night".  This sweet little fell asleep sitting up just before we got home.  Clearly, she was tired! 
We hope all of you had a wonderful, long holiday weekend!  Enjoy the rest of the day!  


  1. Fun stuff, and some yumminess as well. And that's how you celebrate a long weekend!

  2. Indeed!

    Have ya'll ever been to the Greek Festival in Orange? The one here is not nearly as big, although the one in Orange is huge. I wish this one at least had some Greek dancing! The girls loved that so much when we went with mom and dad last fall!